Our Modern Bus Fleet

Our Modern Bus Fleet



The bus fleet of the company consists of 244 buses of the latest technology that meet the specified standards for the safe and comfortable transportation of our customers and their baggage .We pay attention to the interior and exterior cleanliness of our vehicles , as well as the quick service of our passengers with electronic ticketing equipment , which all of our vehicles have . The bus fleet of Public Bus Service of Chania and Rethymno SA is equiped also  with 19  buses harmonicas, which constitute an important part in transporting our customers to nearer destinations, 77 mini buses and 148 bigger buses (consist of 50 seats). All vehicles in our fleet are equipped with the latest technology tracking system GPS, so we are at any time able to know the route of the vehicle , its exact position , and be able to accurately predict the date and time of arrival .Before each route all vehicles undergo compulsory roadworthiness test , conducted primarily for the safety of our customers and for the good and smooth operation of the vehicle .

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