The history of the Company

The history of the Company

 hanion 000 t gmc 4o 310 id.papoutsakis pedianakisThe use of buses, as means of transport, in Western Crete began in 1927 . In the beginning, there was rudimentary service by the  first handmade buses of that days. The need for substantial improvement of our services ,in favour of the best possible service of our passengers , submitted ​​the adoption of legal provisions. Then buses began to operate in various forms until 1952 when the Prefectural Public Bus Service was erected with legislative Decree and the Public Bus Service began to operate with its current form in 1973.Nowadays,we achieve social work by transfering  large families , students  to and from school , with discount tickets.We cover the most inaccessible villages of our counties , during winter and summer, and expand our routes to and from Mainland Greece with two new destinations,Thessaloniki and Ioannina, where  students study and our fellow men work.There are also  stops in all major cities of the above destinations.The Public Bus Service operated according to the basis of law 102/73 and consistutes a private legal entity and there are shareholders who own the buses.

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