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Directions for use

Directions for use



In HOME page the user can navigate to the Main Menu of the website of our company Public Bus Service of Chania-Rethimnon S.A. In every page there is an icon, on the top right, with which the user can select one of the three languages (Greek, English and German) . There is also an icon on the bottom left of the home page where the user can find translations in many other languages through Google Translate. On the bottom left side of the home page there is a form where the user can fill in his/her email in order to receive information about the bus routes. Furthermore, on the top right and on the botton left of the home page the visitor of our website can find buttons that lead him/her to our pages in Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


In menu item SMART TOURS-TOURIST AGENCY the user can find general information about the services that our tourist agency offers and he/she has the opportunity to serf in the website of the company.


In menu item Company there are general information about the profile (Profile), the history (History) and the bus fleet (Bus Fleet) of our company. Furthermore he can get informed about the annual financials of the company (Company Financials).

  • Download
    In menu item Company->Download the user can find all the logos of our company in png, jpg, pdf form (Logos) and many printed item and calendars that our company publishes (Printed Item).

  • Photo Gallery
    In menu item Company->Photo Gallery the user can admire photos of our modern and comfortable station in the city center of Chania (Station Photos), historical fotos of our bus fleet that show the evolution of our vehicles through the years (Historical Photos) and finally, photos from our modern bus fleet as it is formed today (Our fleet now).



  • Online Ticket Reservation
    In menu item (Online Ticket Reservation) the user has the opportunity to buy his/her bus e-ticket by filling in the form Search route for Online Ticket Reservation. Firstly, he needs to choose the departure (From station) and the arrival (To) , the date that he wishes to travel and the number of seats. If he/she ticks on the box (Show Map) all the bus stops of the chosen bus route are visible. Then if the visitor clicks on the Search button, the departure times on the chosen date for the specific route, the price of the regular ticket, and the estimated duration are visible. After clicking on the Buy Ticket button, the user needs to choose the departure time that he wishes to travel and continue with filling in his/her identity items and his/her credit card items, in order to complete the payment of the ticket. Finally the user will receive an email with his electronic ticket which must be printed the day he departs.

  • Storehouse Services
    In the menu item (Storehouse Servicesthere are information about the Baggage Lockers, which are located inside the storehouse in the central bus station of Chania. There are also information about the indicative prices of unaccompanied packages, envelopes or luggage.

  • Ticket Pricelists and Discount Cards
    In menu item (Ticket Pricelists and Discount Cardsthe user can get informed about the indicative ticket prices for some of our destinations, the available discounts and the monthly cards for unlimited routes. All the ticket pricelists can me dowloaded or printed by clicking on "here". 



  • Terms of Use of the Website
    In menu item (Terms of Use of the Websitethe visitor of our website can find information about the payment methods for the purchase of the e-ticket, about the security of the transactions through our website and many other information about the policy of our website.

  • Privacy Notice
    In menu item (Privacy Notice) there are useful information about the safety of the user's personal identification and credit card item, that is guaranteed.

  • Terms of use of the Transport Service
    In menu item (Terms of use of the Transport Service) the user can get informed about the baggage transfer service,animal transfer and underaged passengers. There are also information about the cases of ticket change or cancellation and for the case of compensation.

  • Directions of Use of the Website
    In menu item  (Directions of Use of the Website) there are accurate directions of how to use our website. You can find details of how to buy your e-ticket easily or  look for a hotel in the destination you are interested in.


Tourist Guide

  • About Crete
    In this menu item there are general  information for the island of Crete (About Crete).

  • Cities
    In this menu item the user can find information and beautiful pictures of the coastal big cities of Crete (Cities).

  • Coastal Areas
    In this menu item the user can admire pictures of some of the most magical coastal areas of west Crete (Coastal Areas).

  • Hinterland Areas
    In this menu item there are information and pirctures of hinterland areas of unique natural beauty (Hinterland Areas).

  • Archaeological Sites-Museums-Monasteries
    In this selection the visitor of our website can find pictures from some of the most important archaeological sites,museums and monasteries of West Crete (Archaeological Sites- Museums-Monasteries).

  • Gorges of West Crete
    In this menu item there are pictures and general information about the most beautiful gorges of West Crete (Gorges of West Crete).

  • Videos
    Through some (Videos) the visitor of our website can "travel" in some of the beauties of Crete, watch advertisements of our company and events that Public Bus Service S.A supports. 

  • Useful links
    In menu item (Links) there are useful website links related to municipal services of Crete which can be visited by the user.

  • Accomodation
    In menu item (Accomodation) the user has the ability to search for hotels in different areas of Crete by using the form Find Hotel. He/She can look for a hotel through photographs and general information.The visitor can make reservation of the hotel he is interested in only by clicking on the link of its website.



In (News) the user can find announcements related to  the company. 



  • Contact information
    In menu item (Contact information) useful phone numbers of the company are available. The user also can send email with his/her questions about our services or make comments.

  • Where to find us
    In menu item (Where to find us) there are information about the locations of the central bus stations in Crete, of Public Bus Service Chania-Rethimnon S.A, as well as the annexes in the rest of Greece.

  • Evaluate our Services
    The visitor of our website has the opportunity to send his comments and evaluate the services of our company in menu item (Evaluate our Services).     
  •  Website rating

            Finally the user has the opportunity to evaluate our website in menu item (Website rating).

Online booking



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